The Science Butlers

Butler Newsam

Since his early years as a "Bankside Boy" at the Henley Regetta, Newsam has been dedicated to a life of service. Raised in the rural heartland of Oxfordshire, he learnt the rudiments of his trade as scullery boy to Major Bluntcourt, before being gifted to the Duke of Rotherfield as part-payment of the Major's gambling debts.

Recognising a kindred spirit, the Duke trained up the young Newsam to help with his photographic experimentation. It was at this stage that Newsam first adopted his distinctive light uniform (so that he could easily be seen in the half-light of the darkroom).

After successfully beating Newsams' "airy-fairy, star-gazing habits" out of him, the Duke transferred Newsam to his winter residence in North Cheshire, which the Duke maintains for use during his regular pilgrimages to the land of E. Chambre Hardman.